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Aaron Gochnauer


Aaron Gochnauer joined ATI Systems in the summer of 2014 after graduating magna cum laude from Grove City College. Here he obtained his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering. Aaron grew up working with an HVAC service and install company, providing him with interest and experience in heating and cooling systems, thus making him a perfect fit for ATI Systems. Aaron neatly fills the role of assisting in the distribution of products, while also offering technical expertise and engineering services. Most importantly, though, Aaron is full of energy and always ready to get things done, even without his morning cup of black deliciousness.

As a young man and still easily moldable, Aaron has high hopes. He hopes to fulfill his passion for adventure and the outdoors by taking up backpacking and sailing. He also hopes to soon “fly the coop” and buy a place of his own. Greater than these, though, Aaron hopes to marry Alison Young: his best friend and the love of his life.