Carl Longenecker

Carl Longenecker founded ATI Systems in November 1997 with a belief that there was a need for a new type of specialty representative of HVAC products. He believed that by providing design and engineering services in conjunction with the products, one could create a value added product/service combination.


Carl has been involved in the HVAC/R industry for over 30 years. Working for a commercial/industrial refrigeration and mechanical contractor through high school and college, he learned first hand the necessity of quality products and the importance of well engineered system design.


In 1985, Carl graduated from Millersville University of Pennsylvania with a B.S. degree and continued to be involved in the HVAC industry in contracting.


From 1987 to 1997, Carl worked for a large national wholesale distributing company. While there, he held positions in both management and outside sales. This period in his career offered exposure to an extremely wide variety of projects and therefore afforded experience in many fields within the HVAC industry.


By the late 1990’s, the opportunity seemed to present itself for a new type of manufacturer’s representative, one who could offer more than products alone. Within the industry, radiant floor heat was just beginning to take off in the USA. It was with this product niche that Carl launched this new enterprise. Following the establishment of the company, several other specialty type product lines, which lent themselves to value added services, were brought into the product mix.


Carl currently lives in the in the historic village of Safe Harbor, PA with his wife and their three children. In his free time Carl enjoys hiking, canoeing and skiing.