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Service with a Green Smile 

PM engineering

Recently ATI Systems was featured as the cover story of PM Engineering Magazine.  PM Engineering is the engineering source for specifiers/designers of plumbing, piping, hydronic, fire protection, and solar thermal systems.  ATI Systems was featured for the design of the green, luxurious energy system in the new Mercedes-Benz in Lancaster Pennsylvania which includes state of the art radiant floor heat as well as snow melt.  The brand new dealership is revolutionary for using waste oil as an alternative resource; it is a bi-product of Mercedes’ service business.

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Service with a Green Smile


The Best of All Worlds for Efficiency and Sustainability

ATI Systems has stepped beyond rhetoric, and has taken up the challenge to provide both an efficient and a sustainable source of heat. Chief Engineer Magazine has not left this feat unnoticed, and has published an article highlighting ATI’s accomplishment. Pennsylvania’sDSC_1042 - Copy DCNR Resource Management Center located in Weiser State Forest was seeking someone that was willing to meet the aforesaid challenge, when they stumbled upon ATI Systems. ATI resolved to make use of Fröling’s wood-pellet burning boilers (imported by Tarm USA) to provide the heat necessary for the Management Center’s extensive radiant floor heat system. Though, why stop at being green? HPAC Engineering Magazine emphasizes another highly notable attribute of this system: the minimal labor hours needed to keep the boilers running. Compared to any other wood burning system, the Fröling pellet boilers are essentially self-sufficient.

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The Best of All Worlds for Efficiency and Sustainability
Wood-Pellet-Fired Boiles Provide Highly Efficient, No-Fuss Operation